Bailey-Boushay House's comprehensive inpatient program is a licensed nursing home. It is not a hospice. This tends to confuse people because we provide so much end-of-life care.

Here's the difference:

  • People in hospice care have made the decision to stop aggressive medical treatment and focus on comfort measures.
  • People getting end-of-life care at Bailey-Boushay House still have the choice of seeking aggressive medical treatment for as long as they want.

Many of our patients are younger than the average nursing home resident, and more inclined to fight for more time. At Bailey-Boushay House, our goal is to keep them engaged, comfortable and as pain-free as possible. But we also respect their decision to continue aggressive medical treatment.

The full spectrum of inpatient services and activities is available to all of our patients, whether they have months or hours to live. They spend their days in a warm and loving environment, where people truly care about them. As a result, many people actually live longer than expected.

Help with End-of-Life Planning

All of our residents have the right to make choices about their own medical care, advance directives and memorial services. We respect their wishes, and help them organize details for their end-of-life planning.

Washington is also a Death With Dignity state. This means that terminally ill patients with less than six months to live can request medical assistance in ending their lives.

Before coming to us, some patients have completed the process to put this option in place. But once here, very few actually take this step. Instead, many find a sense of community they may never have had before. They realize they can live out their final days in dignity and relative comfort, and many choose to do just that.