Chemical Dependency Program Admission Criteria

To be eligible for the Chemical Dependency Program at Bailey-Boushay House, the individual must meet the following criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

HIV positive individuals whose drug and alcohol use is causing negative consequences on their health, housing, finances or relationships and who are unable to succeed in traditional abstinence-based programs.

Additional Requirements

The individual also has to:

  • Be a resident of Washington state, living in King, Snohomish or Island Counties.

  • Have income at or below 300 percent of federal poverty level.

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

Chemical Dependency Program Admission Process

For individuals who fit the above criteria, admission is granted after the Bailey-Boushay House Admission Office receives:

  1. Completed admissions form
  2. Recent clinic notes

Chemical Dependency Program Admission Forms

Chemical Dependency Program Admission Contact Information

If you are a person living with HIV or a loved one of a person living with HIV, please call the Bailey-Boushay House Admissions Office with any questions.

Phone: (206) 720-2305
Fax: (206) 720-2328