Keeping Our Community Safe and Connected

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that we needed to drastically change how we operate.

As COVID-19 swept through Washington state earlier this year, Bailey-Boushay House (BBH) needed to drastically change how we operate. That meant no more sit-down lunches for 100 people or scheduled group activities. It also meant we had to stay connected to our clients and keep them engaged in our community, even though we couldn’t provide all the in-person services they’re used to.

“Bailey didn’t leave me behind — they called me every day,” said Glenda, a BBH client. “I was depressed being at home all alone. But Bailey-Boushay didn’t let me go. They let me know that they still care, they’re here and that they still offer programs to help me out.”

Through an enormous team effort, we were able to find new ways to serve clients like Glenda, while helping curb the spread of the virus. If clients didn’t have housing, we opened our shelter to them 24/7 and later used routine COVID-19 testing to keep our community safe. If they had a home, we asked them to temporarily stay there and promised to stay connected.

BBH uses routine COVID-19 testing to keep our community safe.

Thanks to donors like you, we were able to keep meeting clients’ daily needs from a distance. We sent out grocery deliveries and prepaid laundry cards. We also purchased prepaid cell phones for clients who didn’t have them, to ensure they could stay in touch and get the support they need.

“Over half of our clients face homelessness, addiction and mental illness,” says Brian Knowles, executive director. “Our clients often experience feelings of isolation, stigma and rejection more than others. But we refuse to leave anyone behind.”

This steadfast support means the world to our clients, especially during these dynamic times.

“I have a place to go every night,” said shelter resident Christopher. “I have a place to wake up and eat breakfast and nurses who help me with my medication. I’m grateful for everything that comes my way.”