Outpatient Program

The Bailey-Boushay House Outpatient Program (OPP) specializes in serving individuals with HIV who need more physical and emotional support than is traditionally available. Most program participants have many complicating life factors in addition to HIV, and other chronic health issues. They may struggle with isolation, mental illness, substance use or abuse, and have problems maintaining housing or dealing with other issues that impede their ability to get help and stay healthy.

Our primary purpose is to ensure that clients take their medications as prescribed and follow the medical guidelines they have been given by their health care providers. Our ultimate goal is to provide every person with HIV equal access to positive outcomes (defined as undetectable HIV viral load), optimum physical and psychological health, a stable living situation, adequate nutrition and supportive social connections.

We are open every day of the year from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., except Wednesdays when we close at 2 p.m. Regular connection with social work and nursing (which includes medication management) is required; everything else is optional. All services are free to clients with income under 300 percent of the federal poverty level. 

The Outpatient Program provides:

  • Nursing services (medication and symptom management, health education, counseling and support)
  • Social work/care management    
  • Psychiatric care and mental health support
  • Harm reduction counseling and group support
  • Registered dietitian services and three meals daily
  • Physical, occupational and recreational therapy
  • Spiritual care
  • Life skills education
  • Housing stability support
  • Groups dedicated to art and other client interests
  • Exercise and movement activities, modified to fit individual abilities
  • Haircuts
  • Monthly outings
  • Movies
  • Phone, computer and Internet access
  • Monthly ORCA pass subsidy
  • Access to a shower, laundry, lockers and a place to rest

See a current list of OPP activities and menus:

If you are a person living with HIV or a loved one of a person living with HIV, please call our Admissions Office with any questions.

Bailey-Boushay House Admissions Office
Phone: (206) 720-2305   Fax: (206) 720-2328


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