Welcoming Our Community Home

We are excited to start serving more people at Bailey-Boushay House!

Bailey-Boushay House (BBH) has always adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of our community — and we’ve done that more than ever in the face of the pandemic. Over the past year, we’ve had to limit capacity in our space and pivot to serve many clients remotely. Now, with precautions in place, we’re excited to welcome more community members home.

“We’ve spent the past few months designing our outpatient programs to serve our clients while implementing social distancing and infection control,” says BBH Executive Director Brian Knowles. “Over 20 staff members participated in weekly meetings to innovate our services to better meet our clients’ needs.”

The COVID-10 pandemic meant that we needed to drastically change how we operate.

These improvements include creating scheduling systems and adapting services to limit the number of people in one place at one time. For example, we’re now offering meals throughout the day, opposed to clients waiting in line and all dining at once. Clients can spend the day at BBH if they make an appointment in advance. We’re also welcoming new outpatients with housing and homeless clients to the shelter.

“We’re so glad to start serving more people at Bailey — especially after a year when so many experienced severe isolation,” Brian says.

We’ll continue our safety precautions moving forward, including vaccinating, testing, masking, and using best practices like deep cleaning and filtration throughout our spaces.

“We now have an even better program than we did prior to the pandemic,” Brian says. “We can’t wait to safely welcome back our community.”