Working as one team for every client

Katie Hara, Director of Outpatient Programs and Sandy Eastwood, Assistant Director of Outpatient Programs and Outpatient Nurse Manager.

The Bailey-Boushay House (BBH) Outpatient Program serves about 380 people and welcomes about five more each week. Some people come multiple times a week, others once or twice a month. Many have used the 50-person bed shelter, and all come for the comprehensive resources the day program staff and nurses provide. 

“Being open seven days a week to help clients manage their medication, for everything from diabetes and hypertension to anxiety and bipolar disorder is unique. But having that support at the same place you come to get a safe night's sleep provides important consistency that our clients rarely have in many parts of their life,” Sandy Eastwood, RN, outpatient nurse manager says.

Coordinating with the eight nurses that make up Sandy’s outpatient care team, is Katie Hara, director of outpatient programs, and a group of social workers and patient navigators who make up the rest of the Outpatient Program team. This team focuses on helping individuals define their goals and make steps toward achieving them.

Clients’ goals range from everyday practices like coming to the day center for meals and staying connected to their psychologist. Or they could be larger goals related to substance use support or applying for a housing voucher.

“Our social workers and psychologists are here to help people take little steps that over time, turn into powerful life changes,” Katie says.

The Outpatient Program’s secret to success – working as one team.

“Each of our client’s needs is unique to them, so the more we can understand who they are and help them easily move between services, the more they trust us,” Katie says.

A group of dedicated volunteers helps the outpatient team remain flexible. They do everything from driving people to medical appointments to being an extra set of hands to help people achieve the goals they come to the day center with.

Lunchtime at Bailey-Boushay House

“Getting a ride to a medical appointment, instead of navigating the bus and walking, especially in bad weather, takes a huge burden off our clients. They arrive on time, less stressed and ready to focus on their health – our volunteers are essential to our success,” Katie says.

Katie and Sandy believe that people trust the BBH team because of their deep commitment to spending quality time with clients combined with the range of resources they can offer. For example, getting a housing voucher can be exciting and overwhelming for someone who has been unhoused for many years. Feeling safe in one place, being responsible for cleaning and being comfortable leaving belongings to go to appointments can trigger anxiety. In response to that, a few years ago, the BBH team added a housing class.

“We have a full-time manager who runs the housing program, and we are looking for funding to add another staff person to support housing needs,” Sandy says.

Sandy echoes the value of working as one team with all of the program staff.

“This team is extraordinary. Everyone’s dedication to the individuals we serve and helping each other is what makes BBH special. Our clients feel how much our team cares and see us as their family,” Sandy says. “Everyone deserves to feel like they have a family.”